It’s common knowledge that the food produced today is enabled by pesticides and fertilizers which leaves us with disastrous health consequences from neurotoxicity, disruption of the endocrine system, carcinogenicity, Cancer and immune system suppression. Therefore we at Evolve Organic have made quick inroads in the market with our special Organic offerings.

Every product or food item are of highest organic quality giving the consumers safe, healthy and complete nutritional value food and that too in the most cost-effective way.


Food is a reflection of its soil. Healthier the soil, healthier the food. It’s simple. Not just that, healthier the soil, the more resistant the plant is to diseases. The key is how we take care of the soil by allowing soil organism and earthworms to get decomposed. Is why, at Evolve Organic we give utmost importance to soil thereby producing high quality organic produce.


Spread across 200 acres of farms, we sincerely follow the principle of organic farming using Jeevamrutham, IMO and other natural farming techniques. The pest control is done using the extracts of neem, custard apple, castor, ginger garlic, tobacco alongside cow urine and using various insect traps and biological control methods wherever needed.

Thanks to the cooperation from the farmer community, we have tied up with a group of farmers and are further growing. Our sole aim is to empower and enable more and more farmers to practice organic farming.


Organic is not a luxury but a necessity and is the order of the day. We at Evolve Organic, are proud to be a part of this movement, as we are determined to enable each and every person to Eat Great and Live Great. It’s time to ask yourself, isn’t access to healthy food your birth right? So let’s get back the good old days. Let’s get back to safe food.

We are Safe Food Growers

Safe and healthy

No chemical fertilizers and pesticides usage makes our products safe and healthy

Good to earth

we don’t just produce safe food but also make the ecosystem safe


we can exactly take our produce back to the field it came from

care the farmer

right training and premium pricing for the efforts and the quality produce.


perfect production planning and supply chain management makes the produce affordable to all the segments

No artificial ripening and preservatives used

strict no to carbide ripening and preservatives.